What’s the confusion?

Akash acts blind and reveals the long story to Sophie that concludes that Simi dies in car accident, spoiling Dr. Swami’s plan to sell her organs and replace Akash’s cornea with her’s. When Akash leaves Sophie to go back to his place he is seen kicking a can out his path with his cane giving speculations that he is not blind.

What really must have happened at the end?

Whatever Akash told to Sophie (and to us) after she inquired on what happened next when they drove Simi, locking her in the hatchback of the car, is a lie. That means, the Dr. Swami must have sold Simi’s organs and replaced Akash’s cornea.

Is there a justification to this?

Just before the story switches to Europe plot, into the future, you could see that the car races ahead and doesn’t stop on the long road which has a tree on its side. But when Akash narrate the story to Sophie, the same road with a tree was shown, and this time Dr. Swami stops the car just after crossing the tree, probably to give Simi a dose of anesthesia and gets overpowered by Simi. Simi takes control of car and ask Akash to get down, and tries run him over, but gets killed as a rabbit hits windshield while escaping a gunshot fired by a farmer. The story before the meeting of Akash with Sophie is told to us by Director, however the story after meet was told to us by Akash who is known to bluff people posing himself as blind. Only either of one story has to be considered as fact here and I’ll go with Director’s version. In that case, they have not stopped the car in between, Dr. Swami must have sold Simi’s organs and probably replaced Akash’s corneas too. What do you think?

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